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2021 - No ANZAC Day because of COVID? Not on your life.


This Sunday, is ANZAC Day. For the Australians and New-Zealanders this is an important day to remember and pay homage to the service men and women, past and present, who have fought to keep our countries free.

With permission from the Mayor's office, The ANZAC ANTIBES Association will be holding a 7am short and simple ceremony observing strict COVID protocol.

Attendees should observe social distancing, wear a mask at all times and, of course, if you live more than 10kms away fill in an "attestation". We suggest that you click on reason no.6 "travel to visit a cultural establishment that is open". If you like more proof that you are attending an official ceremony download our "Communiqué de Presse" in French.

For the past 8 years we have organised a day of ceremony, pomp and celebration in Antibes. COVID has meant that this year the commemoration will be very simple and restricted to an outdoor ceremony with no social gatherings afterwards. We'll be back in force next year once we beat this damn virus. Images below from 2019.

What if I can't be there for 7am?

The flag poles and wreaths will remain in place at the foot of the "Poilu" soldier at the Fort Carré, Antibes for the entire day on Sunday. Families, small groups, individuals can pay their respects in private and safety. Ample free parking on site. For information, the coast road will be closed to traffic on Sunday.

See the home page for a map on how to get there.


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